Business Tips for Creatives

Business Tips for Creatives; who is this for?

My company, 29 Pixel Studios primarily focuses on Photography, Videography/Cinematography and Graphic Design. So originally this was going to be for those freelancers. Quickly realizing that the Audio Techs, MoGraph artists, Musicians, Actors/Actresess, Cosplayers and many more creatives professionals could benefit from this information as well!

  • If you prefer creating vs researching which business structure to use.
  • When new camera information wins against reading different retirement plans.
  • Taxes and insurance? “Um, we will think about that later.”

From Nick: I’m tired of seeing amazingly talented artist struggle with the business side of things. Personally, I enjoy both the creative field AND the business aspect. I’m constantly learning and sharing tips with my fellow togs! I love teaching so much I created an Adobe User Group in Kansas City called KCVideoCore! 😀 I’m happy to share my information with the creative community.

The #1 goal behind Business Tips for Creatives is to offer short, easy to understand business tips for entrepreneurs looking to earn $25,000 – $250,000 in sales. After you are earning a quarter of a million, that is beyond the scope of this podcast. Honestly, at that point, you know more than I do!

Business Tips for Creatives is looking to create:

  • Weekly podcast in the 10-15 minute range
  • Weekly newsletter that is short and to the point
Business Tips for Creatives is looking to serve YOU!

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be in touch!

If you have any suggestions for topics to be covered please feel free to send an email to:

Business tips for photographers, videographers, graphic designers

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