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After we wrapped up our WorldCon shoot this weekend we were able to sit down with my favorite science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson!

This interview was not planned but thankfully, I had my trusty H4N Zoom with me! I explained that our goal was to help creative professionals with the business side of art and offer tips.

In addition to being an international and national best selling author, Kevin J. Anderson also runs Superstars Writing Seminars. In our interview, Kevin explains that this multi-day workshop is ONLY about the business side of writing.

Kevin J. Anderson has 140 books published. An astonishing 50+ are on the best-seller list!

I cannot wait to share this with you all, but for now, pulling these off the bookshelf for another read…
Business Tips for Creatives interviews Kevin J. Anderson
Quick Tip: Here is the H4N Zoom that stays in my gear bag!

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