Pixel Punisher shares social media thoughts

29 Pixel Studios, a Kansas City Video Production company chimes in on social media.

From 29 Pixel Studios‘ Pixel Punisher – Paige!

Social media is something most people do everyday, sometimes all day. There is a huge difference in posting personal social media vs posting for a business. While you may spend all day watching cat videos (or hairstyle tutorials in my case) and posting pictures of your plate (either with or without food since that is a new trend for some reason) it is all kinds of crazy different when you are doing it for a business.

Suddenly you will need to become an expert on how twitter works. But you learn things like a tweet is only alive in twitterverse for about 19 seconds before it’s time of death can be officially declared. Facebook is a little longer, and Instagram longer than that.

Learning what tags will get people to look at your stuff and what wording and imagery will get people to interact with your posts. Like did you know people will engage with images that have more red in them than any other color? Or that photos work better than text to grab someone’s attention?

Social media for a business is a full time job! It’s a lot of work, posting constantly, making things different enough that people are interested but similar enough that people know your work is consistent. It’s reading your target audience and seeing if it matches up with who you want to be your target to be.

Pixel Punisher shares social media thoughts and quick tip


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